This calculator calculates the melt values of various U.S. and Canadian coins. The melt value of a coin is based on the intrinsic value of the metal the coin is made of, such as silver, gold, copper, nickel, or zinc. For the purposes of this calculator, only the metals shown are taken into account.

Recent coins typically do not contain metals that are considered valuable. Because these coins have negligible intrinsic value, they are not listed on this website. If a coin you have isn't listed on this website, it may not be worth much in terms of metal content.

Don't actually melt your coins to obtain precious metals. In the United States and Canada, doing so is illegal. This calculator simply estimates the intrinsic value of the coins based on metal content.

Silver and gold prices are obtained from COMEX Futures data, while copper, nickel, and zinc prices are obtained from data from the London Metals Exchange (LME). Metal prices are updated periodically and may differ from the spot price.

While every effort is taken to ensure accuracy of the data provided on this website, the publisher does not guarantee accuracy of the information on this website. The user assumes all risk associated with the use of data provided.


Coin images and specifications were obtained from the following sources:

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